Vespers on the Rocks

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 1

In Which NOSAA Operatives Arrive and Investigate a Murdered Mage

Intro: Allan’s Lament

The Party arrived in Los Angeles by various ways and means, and met the leader of their NOSAA operation, Desmond Burke along with Carey Hofstadt a member of the Howardian Church of Los Angeles International who drove you in, perhaps the worst van ever to your lodgings at the Center for Human Advancement.

They learned that NOSAA’s interests in Los Angeles involved the murder of a sanctioned mage, Donna Margaret, whose death ahd been ruled accidental by the LAPD. The party met with Det. Angel Cortez, the only awakened member of the LAPD who, in turn, gave them files on the Margaret case and pointed them to Dr. Tyson Adams the attending coroner.

At the City Morgue, Dr. Adams let Verity Lim, Jake Winter, Madelyn Harper, and Ches Mattsfield in to see the horrible decomposed corpse. While Verity took samples to run fringe science tests on, Jake discovered a rolled up piece of paper under the tongue of the deceased that read “Layla Persimmon.”

Meanwhile, Tony Gudin went to Mood, a Culver City bar, run by an old contact, Hector Velache. Velache suggested that, while he did not know if Margaret ever came to the club, it was possible that she came on a night run by the Free and Fairest of the Summer Court. He gave Tony an invitation to the club night run by the faeries.

Tyler Patina and Ken Solomon visited Margaret’s Beverly Hills clinic but found it closed indefinitely in the wake of the proprietor’s death.

Back at the mansion, Jake communed with the Voice of the Wild but found little information, other than the fact that Donna Margaret spent several days in the bear enclosure at the Old Zoo Ruins before being discovered. Verity began running tests on her sample of the rot within Donna Margaret’s corpse


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