Vespers on the Rocks

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 2

In which Models are Missing and Faeries Menace

You ended the evening of the 16th with researches into the name “”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: layla-persimmon_“—that being the name written on a rolled up piece of paper beneath the deceased ”/campaigns/vespers-on-the-rocks/characters/donna-margaret" class=“wiki-content-link”>Donna Margaret’s mouth. You discovered she was a young model, a midwestern transplant, formerly registered with Runway Runaways before moving on to the notoriously sleazy Natural Hair Dye manufacturer, Forelock. Tony discovered that his own pornographic parent company, Mindblow Entertainment had a decent amount of common traffic with Runway Runaways, a fact ascertained by his newly arrived PR Guru and sometimes personal sandwich maker, Kitty.

After thoroughly dusting the bedrooms and composing an email to the LAPD, inquiring about Layla’s whereabouts

The next morning, Verity’s tissue sample researched came up with a positive ID for the deceased Dr. Margaret alongside a score of virulent and rare bacteria. A spectrograph of the aetherial signature was sent along to NOSAA with confirmation of the caster pending.

Tony spent the day attempting, first, to enter Forelock’s downtown chemical processing plant, which resulted in no new information and one vagrant, wrongfully arrested for assaulting a security guard. He then paid a visit to the Los Feliz home of Shane Grunberg, the founder of Forelock whose abode was a den of designer-drug addled models and amateur photography. Gudin offered Grunberg a sizable sum of money exchange for the whereabouts of Layla Persimmon only to be told that he would try but was doubtful it would turn anything up.

While Jake searched the Old Zoo Ruins for further signs of Donna Margaret’s three day stay in the bear enclosure, Maddie, Ches and Verity went to the home of Layla’s boyfriend to see Raul Ramirez. Raul was quite distressed by what he saw as the LAPD’s failure to locate a clearly missing Layla.

Ken failed to have an extended stay at the Clinic, but did abscond with Donna Margaret’s appointment book whose secrets have yet to be revealed. Likely the clinic is now under stricter surveillance.

Having thoroughly prepped the party on the dangers of doing so, Ches invited his friends to meet with the Free and Fairest of the Summer Court and met with Larissa Blake at the USC Starbucks. She was no less provocative than remembered and you soon arrived at the Miracle Mile establishment, Club Monte Cristo this week’s location for the infamous Goblin Market. It is there that we find ourselves, now. Ken and Tony have both become enamored of a Faerie Woman while Maddie explored Oedipal feelings with a changeling of her own. Verity has wandered off in search of Tony and Jake is looking for likely people to chat up, leaving Ches to confront the court on his own. After a slight case of mistaken identity, Ches has been formally presented to the Queen of Summer and dropped into the depths of the Hedge for his efforts. It is 9:00 on the evening of December 17th, and you are all at least slightly addled by the intoxicating effects of the court.


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