Vespers on the Rocks

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 3

In Which Queens are Questioned and New Blood Ante's Up

You continued on the evening of the 17th of December, hoping to gain an audience with someone of import from the court. With Ches still lost in the hedge, somewhere, Jake attempted to curry favor with Galleas Cuaron, a soldier in the employ of the minister of war, Reynaldo Colon. The price was a single tooth, though it was doubled to two after a slight misunderstanding. Ken meanwhile encountered a feral fae who spoke clicks and sneers and bared teeth. He might have followed her into the shadows were it not for the intervention of Lenore Pitchlynn, another NOSAA skinchanger sent to aide you in your investigations. The woman turned out to yield rather little in the way of information. But Maddie made a connection with a pyromancer named Baxter Washington, a guest of the Court who invited you to his show at the Magic Castle on Wednesday, with the promise of more information to come. Jake’s newest hire, Jim Davidsen, saw a glimpse of what he can only call the true fire, in Baxter’s art.

Colon got you an audience with the queen and she explained that both Donna Margaret and Layla Persimmon had been guests of the court, but that she remembers nothing of note at those meetings. The queen also presented a strange artifact, a statue of Crom Cruach, that seem to come with a very heavy price. The conversation and refusal soured your welcome and so you were ousted, though Lenore did try to make contact one last time with the clicking fae. In the alleyway behind the club you were shot at, a single time which led you all to beat a hasty retreat back to your cars, those of you that had them. Upon arriving back at the institute you were given a stern lecture by Desmond Burke about your truly epic level of companion attrition. Verity Lim’s researches, however, did lead you to the discovery that Donna Margaret’s fatal spell was self cast, leading you to the next logical question: why would she do that, what did she want you to see?


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