Artemisia Sanguinaro

The Lioness of Chicago: CEO Billionaire, Occult Powerhouse and Hunter of Men


Artemisia is the billionaire owner of Goddess Within Ltd. a beauty supply company. She is also the Reverend Mother of the Cult of Akasha and a major figure in the occult world, and very notable member of NOSAA


The party made her acquiantance during the Bayou of Blood investigation. Most notably they interrupted a blood bathing ritual designed, evidently, to restore the Reverend Mother’s youth and vitality. The resulting firefight/brawl saw a number of cult members killed and Artemisia’s right hand cut off. She has since been in contact with Sarah Owens, with whom she has some sort of working relationship, and was present at the recent N.O.S.A.A. meeting though she did not interact with any party members save Sarah.

Artemisia and Professor Cummings are currently playing out some kind organizational dispute via the New Orleans Seven, but the Reverend Mother has also taken the opportunity to ask Sarah to investigate one Abigail Warner – a woman who has esoteric qualities similar to those that made Sarah herself so attractive to the cult. This investigation has recently taken a dark turn with Artemisia’s command that “only one of you leaves that island alive.” How Sarah reacts to this and what exactly it means for her association with the Cult remains to be seen.

Artemisia Sanguinaro

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