Ches Mattsfield

Amateur Racer and Professional Chemist Indebted to the Summer Court


A New Orleans native, Ches holds a masters in Inorganic Chemistry and works for an LSU lab. Of course that’s just his day job. Ches makes something of a name for himself as a local NASCAR racer of moderate success. Sponsored by Azimuth Eateries, a second rate snack company, Ches has attempted to live his life with as little negative impact as possible. He prefers solitude and broods good-naturedly over the one that got away, usually with only his sister and her kids for company. After becoming Awakened, Ches had an ill-fated fling with Larissa Blake, an operative of the Faerie fiefdom called the Free and Fairest of the Summer Court. He wears a golden collar of servitude now, and can’t find anyway to remove it. Larissa treats him like plaything these days but at least she doesn’t come calling often.

Ches’s Fairy Collar


Ches, as he is known to close company, has proven an adept wheelman and a quick study and has proven instrumental to the party’s more outlandish plans despite his level head, sedate demeanor and dogged determination not to have anything to do with these people. His racing career is sponsored by Azimuth Eateries, makers of Want-a-Cola and a number of other off brand (and off beat) food products.

Rumor has it that Ches harbors a deep and somewhat scandalous history with Azimuth, specifically with its shadowy sister company [hereby referred to by ASSC until the Vespers cast can agree on a name]. Whereas Azimuth somehow prides itself on making already existing snack foods and beverages (with different names and inferior couture), ASSC does exactly the same thing…with raunchy consequences.

While pursuing his degree at [name of accredited university], Ches found himself in dire need of funds. One night, while partying and drowning his fiscal woes in a vast welcoming sea of booze, he encountered a fellow student with a penchant for floral tattoos and tight blue jeans (hawt) who happened to be in a similar situation. She introduced herself as Anne and, after being made aware of Ches’s predicament, told him about “this movie thingy” that she was going to audition for the next day. Apparently the auditions went well, for in 1999, Ches was awarded the leading role in The Indestructible Manhood; he is listed in the credits as Long Chaney Jr.

By the end of the production phase of the movie, Ches was, shall we say, well acquainted with leading actress Anne Clarke (listed as Ann Tchauvi). She, along with her leopard gecko Spoonman, moved in with Ches a few months after The Indestructible Manhood was released. Despite receiving at best tepid reviews, Ches remained confident that he and Anne would have a bright future together. Talented with wit as well as wang, he used his existing connections with ASSC to get in touch with Azimuth’s higher-ups in order to discuss new career opportunities. His hectic school schedule prevented him from getting anything full-time, but was able to land a job as a delivery truck driver. From there, the leap from former porn star/truck driver to wandering NASCAR driver/chemist is fairly self-explanatory.

New Year’s Eve, 2008: Ches decides at long last to propose to Anne. The plan is simple: Ches would make dinner for the two of them, then they would go to their “special spot” (yes, every couple ever has one) to watch the fireworks. At 11:59, he would pop the question, and they would enter the new year as true partners.

Ches arrives at his home with the groceries, only to find a note which reads: “Work emergency came up; can we push it back to 8:00?” “Fine by me, baby”, thinks Ches.

8:45 comes and goes, finding Ches finishing his dinner alone. By 10:30, he’s left three messages on her voicemail. Finally at 11:30, he gets a text: “IMPORTANT: Meet me at our spot.” He arrives, but nobody is there to welcome him. After some fruitless searching, his phone rings.

“Ches, you know I love you, right?”
“What kind of…? Yes, yes of course I know that!”

And so he stared into the sky, wondering what became of the woman he would never see again.

Current Status:
The police have long since stopped the search for Anne. Spoonman is dead. Ches has since come to associate with Blind Billy Fish Lips’s “fan club”, which has led to numerous encounters with entities that seem to want him and his compatriots DOA. To counter these new threats, Ches has enrolled in N.O.S.A.A. After he signs the contract, he takes notice of a particularly charming woman with vine tattoos. Perhaps he was driven by a growing need for intimacy, or maybe he simply learned from experience that chicks with plant or floral tattoos mean sex, or at the very least, an opportunity to take his career to the next level. Either way, he wakes up being dragged around The Hedge by said woman, who utilizes the apparently immovable collar and chain now fastened around his neck. Indeed, being bound in the name of the Summer Court sucks.

He was saved from further (immediate) humiliation by an icy woman who claimed to be a lawyer. She says a few words that Ches could barely understand over the hangover, and with that, the fiendish-yet-spicy taskmaster left in a hurry. Wary of any further tricks, he accepts the lawyer’s aid while constantly scanning her words for deceit.

The snarkiness continues between Ches and Maddie, with each venomous quip containing levels of vitriol appropriate for comrades in arms (or in this case, comrades in tank).

The most recent outro suggests that Ches may be considered “enlightened”, at least by Supernatural Court standards. What exactly this entails is both frightening and awesome to consider.

Ches Mattsfield

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