Donna Margaret

NOSAA Licensed Mage Murdered Mysteriously in the Wilderlands of Los Angeles


She was found, possibly murdered in the Old Zoo Ruins, rotted from the inside out.


From Google:
Donna Margaret was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved to Los Angeles for college (she graduated from USC and, later UCLA Medical school) before becoming a renowned plastic surgeon with her own practice, Margaret and Associates Cosmetic Clinic. The only other employee at the clinic was the secretary, a position most recently filled by Alyssa Travers.

Her personal life was fairly scarce. She appeared to have been a no-nonsense, boringly professional woman. Though the characters do not know it, an intro detailing her personal life is available: Fiction 3- Laney.

Occult Lore:
Donna Margaret was born with intense biomantic powers that made her a natural manipulator of the human body. She succeeded in running Margaret and Associates Cosmetic Clinic that catered to people who needed procedures done that modern medicine and plastic surgery could not accomplish. She was recruited by NOSAA in her early twenties and served as a known spy and watchdog for the organization in the Amalgamated Fiefdoms. She made regular reports every sixth months up until her death.

In game:
Donna Margaret’s body was discovered in a state of extreme decay more in line with a corpse of six months than two days. Her skin, though cracked and fissured, seemed unaffected by the rot from within. Her head, better preserved, had lost most of it’s soft tissue, though Jake Winter did find a small crumpled parchment under her tongue with the words “Layla Persimmon” written on it.

The party has discovered several things of note: she spent nearly three days in the bear enclosure at the Old Zoo before she died, the spell that killed her self-inflicted, she was a guest of the Summer Court sometime in the last sixth months. Baxter Washington however, has informed the party that true mages are often invited to the court for entertainment.

Donna Margaret

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