Felicia Bonnefir

Queen of the Summer Court and Mistress of Much Mischief


Appearing as a fifteen or sixteen year old girl of uncomfortably amorous dimensions and visage, Felicia Bonnefir is likely more than a century old.

In human form, she is lithely built, but curvy, with pouty, full lips, languid green eyes and a gentle cascade of dark brown hair. She has a sunflower tattooed over her left breast. Like all Changelings, she bears a physical sign of her time in Faerie, in this case, her back is covered in nasty-looking, red whip scars.

Felicia full

Aspen form
Her Fey-form is covered in golden, quaking Aspen leaves.


From General Occult Knowledge:
Felicia Bonnefir spends most of her time holding Court at the Goblin Market a traveling club scene that moves around LA from night to night. Her life outside the Court is spent living in the homes of wealthy patrons whom she seduces. She tries attending High School for a lark every five or ten years.

In game:
Felicia is a petulant and dangerous enemy, but might make an even more dangerous friend. Like most summer fae, she is capricious and wild, obsessed with her own pleasure and very interested in making deals. She presented the party with the choice of submitting to an Idol of Crom Cruach and was incensed when they did not take her up on it.

Felicia Bonnefir

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