Jefferson DuBois

Immortal Confederate Dandy with a Love for Pop Culture


Jefferson DuBois is a southern dandy, made immortal by voodoo incantations after his ressurection during the civil war. Jefferson has made some effort to keep up with the times and by his own admission finds popular culture fascinating – although there’s no accounting for his taste, possibly it died when he did – but despite this his mannerisms and attitudes are for the most part distinctly old world. Depending on the context and how much effort Jefferson is putting into the interaction at hand this can come off as charmingly anachronistic, urbanely indifferent or insufferably arrogant. Jefferson does, however, display a finely honed command of the modern insult and can trade earthy barbs with the best of them.

Jefferson has shown a marked interest in Sarah Owens and remains relatively friendly with the rest of the party. Amazingly enough he had little contact with the organized occult world prior to his involvement in the Bayou of Blood incident and was apparently a near-complete unknown when he was invited to the N.O.S.A.A. meeting/party (during which he signed on to the accord). His tastes in popular culture seem little changed: he was positively deligted when Lady Gaga made a live appearance.
Born: December 5, 1845 Maison D’hautetive, LA, USA


Jefferson DuBois

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