Langford Cummings

The Head of the American Branch of the Bardic College, an LSU Musicologist


Langford Cummings is a professor of folklore at LSU. He specializes in American Folklore and its effect on popular culture. During a recent confrontation with a branch of the Cult of Akasha, Professor Cummings was outed as a member of the Bardic College, an organization that has apparently opposed the Cult for some time. He survived the Dives and Demons incident – shockingly – and later initiated Tio into the Bardic College. He accompanied the party to the N.O.S.A.A. meeting and later co-opted Tio and Ben to represent the College in some dispute with the Cult.

Said dispute seems to be coming to a head as, on the evening of the fourth day of the party’s investigation into the Marsh Island situation, the professor arrived in the company of a younger as yet unidentified man. This is mildly worrisome as the Professor was pointedly not involved in this little outing, indeed his non-involvement was half the reason Ben and Tio were co-opted in the first place.

Langford Cummings

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