Larissa Blake

The Summer Court's liaison to NOSAA


A bouncy, vibrant red head in a green dress. In her true form, tattoos of twining vines run down from her eyes like tears.


Beautiful, seductive and quintessentially fae, Larissa provided the New Orleans Seven their first glimpse into the maddeningly murky power politics of the occult world by way of Chester Mattsfield. Her agenda and abilities are a matter of pure conjecture at this point but if, as seems likely, she is a match for her winter counterpart Fiona Standish then she is a power far beyond anything the party has encountered to date. She was last seen in a place of unearthly color and vibrancy having “gifted” Ches with a golden collar, a binding to the Summer Court whose depth and limits have yet to be tested, and a truly memorable wild night.

Larissa Blake

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