Layla Persimmon

A Missing Model that only Donna Margaret seemed to want to find


Layla Persimmon aka Lucy Harlowe, is a 19 year old model from Los Angeles.

She is 5’4, 103 lbs with blue eyes and pale skin. While her company, ’Forelock had her appearance change regularly, she was last photographed with bright teal hair, billboards for which can be seen all over Hollywood and Silverlake. She has a tattoo of a dolphin on her lower back and a lower lip piercing.


In game:
Layla Persimmon is the stage name of Lucy Harlowe, a nineteen year old girl from Grand Rapids, Michigan

She was emancipated from her mother at 17, having come from a troubled home. She moved to Los Angeles and spent a year homeless and couch-surfing, doing modeling for some small time fashion start-ups, as well as some less savory shoots. She joined the modeling agency, Runway Runaways, and spent a year doing contract work before being adopted by ’Forelock and its infamous founder Shane Grunberg.

About nine months ago, she began dating Raul Ramirez and very quickly moved in with him at a rented duplex at 547 East Avenue 28 in Montecito Heights. This would make them part of the East Los Angeles Sanguine Cartelship. After she went missing, Raul called the police leading them to the conclusion that she had returned home to Grand Rapids, after reconciling with her mother.

The party first became aware of Layla after the name was found written on a rolled up piece of parchment under the tongue of the dead NOSAA mage, Donna Margaret.

Upon contacting her boyfriend, they discovered that the police, though they had done their due diligence in tracking her down, appear to have overlooked some sort of ensorceling of her family phone lines. Any outgoing calls to The detective on the case in Grand Rapids results in a machine that goes straight to message. Her mother appears to have a disconnected number.

The party also is aware that sometime in the last six months, she attended the Goblin Market, a club night that forms the mobile locale of the Summer Court. The Queen does remember her, but could not give any details on what, if anything, of note happened the night she attended. Where she really is, is anybody’s guess.

Layla Persimmon

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