Orli Braverman

Sephiroth Manifestation of Gevurah and Queen of West LA


Orli Braverman is the ruler of the Most Holy Protectorate of West Los Angeles and Hollywood. Though nothing has been confirmed, she projects a kind of uncomfortable “disquiet:” a feeling of not really belonging. Awakened recognize this as a sign of not being human, or, more accurately not being a real sentient creature. It is most commonly associated with golems, the reanimated dead and other abominations of the natural order.

She appears to be an Ashkenazi Jew between 19 and 25, with dark hair and eyes, slim, attractive and imposing, with “גבורה” (“gevurah or geburah”) stamped into her forehead. Her skin is cold, clammy and has slightly too much friction to the touch. It’s a bit like touching clay.


From Google:
The internet seems to think Orli Braverman is a junior at UCLA—the daughter of a contract law attourney, David Braverman. If this is true, she is twenty one years old, originally from Beverly Hills, and a sorority sister in Alpha Epsilon Phi. There is no record of her attendance record however. Nor can much information on David Braverman be found.

Occult Lore:
Winifred Lash was unable to provide much more detail on what Orli Braverman is, only that she has a penchant for being fair, sometimes detrimentally so. Between the cold clammy skin, the disquiet and the hebraic letters stamped into her forehead, however, all point to herbeing some sort of golem keyed to the 5th Sephiroth, Gevurah. Gevurah is the sephiroth asociated with justice, power and severity.

In Game:
Orli picked up the party in an enchanted limousine, driven by a man with lips stitched shut, after they set off a beacon carved with “גבורה” in Hancock Park (the address, 5130 West 2nd Street, appeared to lead to a hedge growing out into the street). She promised to give them information about Donna Margaret’s patron if they successfully retrieved a scepter of hers that was currently in the Reliquary Vaults of Hollis Cavanaugh. This requires a contract that she will write up.

Orli Braverman

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