Raul Ramirez

The Boyfriend of a Missing Model, Seeking Solace from Grief


Raul Ramirez is an unawakened bank teller in East LA. He is 5’11, with brown hair and eyes, and a desperate, nervous cast.


Raul Ramirez is twenty six, born in Boyle Heights, and a bank teller working in the area. He was a dedicated student who managed to get a bachelors degree from Cal State LA, the first in his family to do so.

About nine months ago, Raul met Layla Persimmon at a party and hit it off. Within a couple months they had moved into a rented duplex at 547 East Avenue 28 in Montecito Heights. This would make them part of the East Los Angeles Sanguine Cartelship. Raul appears to have been a very dedicated boyfriend, bordering on the clingy. Their apartment was covered in pictures of the two of them together, mementos of dates, and purchased tickets suggesting future plans.

The Party discovered that the police, though they had done their due diligence in tracking her down, appear to have overlooked some sort of ensorceling of her family phone lines. Any outgoing calls to the detective on the case in Grand Rapids results in a machine that goes straight to message. Her mother appears to have a disconnected number.

Raul is convinced that Layla is still missing, possibly in danger and is very tired of hearing that she left him or ran off. Though he suspects that there might have been some romantic entanglement with her boss, [[:shane=grunberg]], he is also convinced that she would not simply run away without any hint of where she was going. He has since called Ches, asking for updates. Ches confirmed that Layla attended the Goblin Market, but could not offer anything else.

Raul Ramirez

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