Sarah Owens

Sad Pharmacologist Whose Magical Abilities Eventually Got the Better of Her


Sarah is very tall (5’10"), and thin to a degree bordering on unhealthy. Her hair is bright red, with green eyes and clear, pale skin. She is exceptionally attractive, but seems almost entirely oblivious to the effect her physical appearance has on those around her.


Sarah was born in Tuscon, Arizona, to Jerry and Alyssa Owens, and is the older sister of Danny Owens, a moderate functioning autistic savant. Following the passing of her mother from leukemia in late 2003, and the death of her father just recently to a heart attack, Sarah’s only living direct relatives are her brother, currently working as a car mechanic in Northwestern Iowa, and Ben St. Phillipe, her half-brother.

As a young child, Sarah was quiet, excelled in school, and was more likely to bury her nose in books or catch bugs than play sports or make friends. She had friends while she was growing up, but has never expended much effort on finding them, or on retaining them, instead merely allowing people to drift in and out of her life.

Sarah is a deeply emotional person. She attracts people so readily partially because of her looks, but mostly because of her willingness to emotionally engage each and every person she meets. While she is valued as an amazing individual by the people she regularly associates with, her inability to filter her empathy in any way has prevented her from leading a normal life in many respects.

She practices medicine at San Joaquin County Hospital in Bakersfield California, where she specializes in Pharmacology and Anesthesiology She is in the second year of her residency, (on account of being advanced past the third grade) and is already praised for her encyclopedic knowledge of the history, application, and effects of various Pharmaceutics.

Sarah’s real skill as a doctor, however, is in her bedside manner. Working in Anesthesiology, she interacts primarily with patients either preparing for surgery or dealing with chronic pain. She is already minorly renowned in San Joaquin County for her uncanny ability to put those around her at ease:

In late 2007, just as Sarah was beginning her residency, there was an incident at San Joaquin County Hospital, in which a very young child was rushed to the ER after choking on a plastic grocery bag. Though he survived, he was placed on life support in a persistent vegetative state, with little to no hope of recovery.

The family of the child disagreed over whether to pull the life support, and for a short period of time, the case became a point of polarization for the entire hospital. Not two weeks later, though, the father of the boy came into the hospital, barricaded himself in the room with a gun, and removed his child from life support. Sarah, being the only other person in the room at the time, was held hostage for the duration of the event.

Though jokes about what she did behind the closed doors to make him surrender were rampant, no one at San Joaquin County knew that she narrowly averted his suicide, or later how she testified at his trial as a witness for the defense.

Her preternatural bedside manner is, in fact, a result of this inability to filter her empathic nature. As much as it may wreak havoc with her emotions and burn her out on her job, she is unable to see each patient as anything other than a living, breathing human being, with individual quirks, traits, and aspirations of his/her own.

Though she would never admit it to herself, let alone anyone else, Sarah entered the medical profession because of her mother being diagnosed with leukemia, in an attempt to spare others the pain that not only separated her from her mother, but estranged her from her father, all the way up until his death.

Much of this has changed in the recent past, due to the death of her father. Forced to sift through the complicated affairs of her father’s estate, Sarah has entirely suppressed the emotional aspects of her personality, lest the pain of the nature of her relationship with her father completely overwhelm her. It remains to be seen whether she will find some kind of resolution, put the pain aside, or merely let that part of her die.

Sarah was recruited by the Cult of Akasha after displaying signs of Ephemeral Purity. It was then that she unlocked her magical abilities and proved to be an almost overwhelmingly powerful magus. Her power was always slightly outside her control and it contributed to her death in August 2010, attempting to destroy a Kudzu Demon by becoming a being of living fire.

Sarah Owens

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