Shane Grunberg

Visionary, Ethically Questionable CEO of Forelock


Grunberg is 43, tall and lanky with an off-beat sense of humor and a devil-may-care carriage. He is 6’1, slender build with dark, slicked hair and blue eyes. Though somewhat odd looking, he comes across as quite debonair, usually thanks to his quick wit.

He resides at 2225 Fern Dell Place in Los Feliz, making him a member of The Hills


From Google:
Shane Grunberg is an LA native who worked in the fashion industry his whole life. At 28 he founded the highly successful hair dye company, ’Forelock, using an eco-friendly, labor-friendly business model that has earned him the respect of fashionistas, Fortune 500 CEOs, Environmentalists and Union leaders alike. His company policies are a matter of public record and he donates a significant portion of his salary to Environmental and Disease preventative charities in Africa.

His personal life is rockier. A dyed-in-the-wool party-goer, he is no stranger to drug and alcohol troubles, DUIs and the occasional rehab stint. Additionally, the aggressive advertising campaign for ‘Forelock usually features very young, vulnerable-looking women, many of whom are posed suggestively, earning the company the ire of women’s rights advocates and giving his charitable work and business practices a generally icky feel. It is rumored that many of the photographs are taken by Grunberg personally and he has been romantically linked to many of the company’s models.

In game:
Shane Grunberg was questioned by Tony Gudin during [[Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 2 | Chapter 2]] about the disappearance of Layla Persimmon, one of his models. Tony offered to do some underhanded business with the dye-mogul, but Grunberg was somewhat resistant. He was able to tell Tony that Layla had indeed worked for him but later disappeared without any notice. This lines up with the timeline for her disappearence provided by the police and by her boyfriend.

Additionally, Grunberg was very visibly hungover and there was plenty of cocaine, hard liquor and young women in some state of undress in his home.

Shane Grunberg

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