Verity Lim

An Expert in Xenobiology Haunted and Hunted by her Past


Verity Lim

Skill set:
Superb: Scholarship (Sciency), Lore (Obsession with Faerie)
Great: Conviction (you are obsessive and driven), Discipline (You are good at compartmentalizing)
Good: Craftsmanship (Making things in the lab), Performance (Guitar and Singing)
Fair: Alacrity (You are observant), Investigation (You are good at research)
Above Average: Resources (You have a NOSAA science budget), Presence (people are drawn to your force of personality)
Untrained/Average: Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Driving, Empathy, Fisticuffs, Gunplay, Might, Endurance, Stealth, Survival, Weaponry, Intimidation, Deceit, Rapport

Core Concept: Obsessively Driven Xenobiologist
Verity is almost single minded in her pursuit of the fabrication of ichor and xenobiology in general. This lends her a great deal of confidence, resolve and acumen when dealing with the scientific world and gets even better the longer she works on a project. She doesn’t burn out on a problem, the flames are fanned.

Trouble: Trust Issues
Verity’s traumatic work-life has made her fundamentally unable to put her faith in others. She is a loner by nature, and would prefer to take care of things on her own—even when it is clear she can’t handle it by herself. Self-Reliant to a fault.

Origins: It’s Not Paranoia If…
Verity’s kidnapping as a child has left her with a strong desire to be validated. Her parents assumed she was lying outrageously. At worst they thought that she had been kidnapped by someone who later relented, and while they were not unsympathetic to the possibilities, they refuse to believe that she was taken to a faerie land where a year passed in the few days she was actually missing. This has made her incredibly confidant in her convictions, but bull-headed in her beliefs and not quick to accept a difference in opinion.

Daylight World: Blinded By Science
Verity has spent a huge amount of her adult life in labs, doing research. While this makes her especially knowledgeable and interested in anything having to do with the scientific world, she is at a marked disadvantage when it comes to most other scholarly pursuits. You are the opposite of Interdisciplinary.

Vespers World: Lab Rat
Especially at Aethoni Labs, Verity has been transformed, more or less, into a case study in Prometheus psychological training. She is not only someone who studies xenobiology, she herself is studied as an example of what happens in a Prometheus cell. The psych evaluations she has gone through make her resistant to any kind of mental conditioning—even magical mind control, but also fundamentally untrusting of any kind of relinquishing of control: no meds, no therapy, no one getting in her head ever again.

Grab Bag 1: Fashionista
Even in the confines of Aethoni Labs, Verity is style-conscious. She keeps up to date on the latest trends and has an almost uncanny intuition for her own ability to look good and appropriate to the situation. She impresses the people who care about such things and rubs more casual folks the wrong way. She’s also at a bit of a loss, socially, when she doesn’t have time to be presentable but has confidence for miles if she does.

Grab Bag 2: American Idol 2014 Contestant
Verity has perfect pitch and a great voice. A talent for song-writing. Though she has no formal training, she is a quick study on her own. This may spill out into a minor talent for any number of riddles, rhyming, voice recognition, sound identification etc.

Stunts- These are things you spend some inherent points on to be better at certain aspects of certain skills:
Xenobiology (+2 to Scholarship)
Obviously this is your field of study

Faerie Magic and Culture (+2 to Lore)
You know a lot about the Vespers world from your time in the Labs but your personal interest in faerie has made you very knowledgeable about that.

Biofabrication (+2 to Craftsmanship)
This is replicating biological material in the lab, Ichor especially.

Far Fringes
You are especially good at applying your scientific knowledge to an occult perspective and vice versa. You can use either your Lore or Scholarship to apply to the opposite problem, whichever is better in the moment.

Refresh Pool of Fate Points 5
You can use a fate point to, in the moment, have a burst of brilliance, the adrenaline rush that gets you to scale a wall, the insightful moment of brilliance to put two clues together etc.
You get Fate points back by indulging in your vices or making life hard for yourself. Use them at your own discretion.


28 years old, PhD in Molecular biology. From Northern California?

Verity Lim

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