Idol of Crom Cruach

An Idol of the Old Faerie Slaughter God


An Idol owned by the Summer Court which represents the old pre-Celtic God, Crom Cruach. The idol has the power to make a willing soul become the avatar of Crom Cruach, fusing the bloody-minded vengeance of God with the individual desires and will of the possessed. It is understood that there is no coming back from such a state and the possessed will remain so until his or her death. it is also understood that being possessed by such a thing robs the person of complete free will. The avatar is neither dead nor truly his or herself anymore, but a wretched fusion of the two, unable to stop harrowing those against whom the possessed seeks vengeance, and unable to end the suffering of such anger and hate.

So dark and terrible is this fate that the idol’s enchantment requires that the possessed be both willing to undergo the transformation and fully aware of all the consequences. As a result, no one has used it in millennia.


Idol of Crom Cruach

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