Vespers on the Rocks

Canyons of Carnage
In the Midst of an Oil Spill, Primal Chaos Reigns

August 21, 2010

Of Dives and Demons
Purity and Corruption in the Lower Ninth

September 19, 2009-September 23, 2009

At a dive bar, if such a ramshackle establishment even merits that level of recognition, in the worst part of the Ninth Ward a group of total strangers bore witness to what would end up being the final performance of jazz legend Blind Billy Fishlips. The set old Fishlips chose for this occasion was unique to say the least and the forces it set in motion a series of most unfortunate events that led to the death of a young prostitute before the night was out. Enlisted or co-opted by various means the other bar patrons found themselves involved the investigation of the gruesome murder which quickly took a dark(er) turn when initial findings pointed to some kind of ritualized killing.

As the strangers struggled with their own personal demons and quite sensible lack of mutual trust they were thrown headlong into a world that few had any clue even existed and none had any desire to be part of. Overcoming both the mundane and supernatural forces arrayed against them and (barely) managing to avoid the wrath of mundane law enforcement establishment the strangers uncovered an ancient shadow war long held in check by a set of mysterious accords which now strained to the breaking point. Worse, they found that one of their own had been marked for death by the same forces that had killed the young prostitute. Eventually the nascent group decided to confront their shadowy tormentors head-on leading to a mostly inconclusive shootout in an empty brothel and sealing their fate as forever part and party to the unseen world.


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