Center for Human Advancement

The Center for Human Advancement is the name given to NOSAA’s mostly abandoned consulate in Los Angeles. Located at the Rindge House, at 2263 Harvard Blvd in West Adams, it technically lies within the Nation of South Central Los Angeles though the grounds are, themselves, considered a part of Unaligned Los Angeles and are the only NOSAA safehouse in the County.

Rindge house

It has not been properly inhabited since the late 70’s when the last of NOSAA’s formal ambassador’s was booted from The Amalgamated Fiefdoms of Greater Los Angeles during The Purge. While NOSAA has been allowed back in for the investigation of the Donna Margaret incident, the house itself is in a state of disrepair.

Rindge bedroom
Rindge loft
Rindge study
Institute bedroom

Center for Human Advancement

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