Vespers on the Rocks

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 3
In Which Queens are Questioned and New Blood Ante's Up

You continued on the evening of the 17th of December, hoping to gain an audience with someone of import from the court. With Ches still lost in the hedge, somewhere, Jake attempted to curry favor with Galleas Cuaron, a soldier in the employ of the minister of war, Reynaldo Colon. The price was a single tooth, though it was doubled to two after a slight misunderstanding. Ken meanwhile encountered a feral fae who spoke clicks and sneers and bared teeth. He might have followed her into the shadows were it not for the intervention of Lenore Pitchlynn, another NOSAA skinchanger sent to aide you in your investigations. The woman turned out to yield rather little in the way of information. But Maddie made a connection with a pyromancer named Baxter Washington, a guest of the Court who invited you to his show at the Magic Castle on Wednesday, with the promise of more information to come. Jake’s newest hire, Jim Davidsen, saw a glimpse of what he can only call the true fire, in Baxter’s art.

Colon got you an audience with the queen and she explained that both Donna Margaret and Layla Persimmon had been guests of the court, but that she remembers nothing of note at those meetings. The queen also presented a strange artifact, a statue of Crom Cruach, that seem to come with a very heavy price. The conversation and refusal soured your welcome and so you were ousted, though Lenore did try to make contact one last time with the clicking fae. In the alleyway behind the club you were shot at, a single time which led you all to beat a hasty retreat back to your cars, those of you that had them. Upon arriving back at the institute you were given a stern lecture by Desmond Burke about your truly epic level of companion attrition. Verity Lim’s researches, however, did lead you to the discovery that Donna Margaret’s fatal spell was self cast, leading you to the next logical question: why would she do that, what did she want you to see?

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 2
In which Models are Missing and Faeries Menace

You ended the evening of the 16th with researches into the name “”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: layla-persimmon_“—that being the name written on a rolled up piece of paper beneath the deceased ”/campaigns/vespers-on-the-rocks/characters/donna-margaret" class=“wiki-content-link”>Donna Margaret’s mouth. You discovered she was a young model, a midwestern transplant, formerly registered with Runway Runaways before moving on to the notoriously sleazy Natural Hair Dye manufacturer, Forelock. Tony discovered that his own pornographic parent company, Mindblow Entertainment had a decent amount of common traffic with Runway Runaways, a fact ascertained by his newly arrived PR Guru and sometimes personal sandwich maker, Kitty.

After thoroughly dusting the bedrooms and composing an email to the LAPD, inquiring about Layla’s whereabouts

The next morning, Verity’s tissue sample researched came up with a positive ID for the deceased Dr. Margaret alongside a score of virulent and rare bacteria. A spectrograph of the aetherial signature was sent along to NOSAA with confirmation of the caster pending.

Tony spent the day attempting, first, to enter Forelock’s downtown chemical processing plant, which resulted in no new information and one vagrant, wrongfully arrested for assaulting a security guard. He then paid a visit to the Los Feliz home of Shane Grunberg, the founder of Forelock whose abode was a den of designer-drug addled models and amateur photography. Gudin offered Grunberg a sizable sum of money exchange for the whereabouts of Layla Persimmon only to be told that he would try but was doubtful it would turn anything up.

While Jake searched the Old Zoo Ruins for further signs of Donna Margaret’s three day stay in the bear enclosure, Maddie, Ches and Verity went to the home of Layla’s boyfriend to see Raul Ramirez. Raul was quite distressed by what he saw as the LAPD’s failure to locate a clearly missing Layla.

Ken failed to have an extended stay at the Clinic, but did abscond with Donna Margaret’s appointment book whose secrets have yet to be revealed. Likely the clinic is now under stricter surveillance.

Having thoroughly prepped the party on the dangers of doing so, Ches invited his friends to meet with the Free and Fairest of the Summer Court and met with Larissa Blake at the USC Starbucks. She was no less provocative than remembered and you soon arrived at the Miracle Mile establishment, Club Monte Cristo this week’s location for the infamous Goblin Market. It is there that we find ourselves, now. Ken and Tony have both become enamored of a Faerie Woman while Maddie explored Oedipal feelings with a changeling of her own. Verity has wandered off in search of Tony and Jake is looking for likely people to chat up, leaving Ches to confront the court on his own. After a slight case of mistaken identity, Ches has been formally presented to the Queen of Summer and dropped into the depths of the Hedge for his efforts. It is 9:00 on the evening of December 17th, and you are all at least slightly addled by the intoxicating effects of the court.

Shadows in the Noonday Glare: Chapter 1
In Which NOSAA Operatives Arrive and Investigate a Murdered Mage

Intro: Allan’s Lament

The Party arrived in Los Angeles by various ways and means, and met the leader of their NOSAA operation, Desmond Burke along with Carey Hofstadt a member of the Howardian Church of Los Angeles International who drove you in, perhaps the worst van ever to your lodgings at the Center for Human Advancement.

They learned that NOSAA’s interests in Los Angeles involved the murder of a sanctioned mage, Donna Margaret, whose death ahd been ruled accidental by the LAPD. The party met with Det. Angel Cortez, the only awakened member of the LAPD who, in turn, gave them files on the Margaret case and pointed them to Dr. Tyson Adams the attending coroner.

At the City Morgue, Dr. Adams let Verity Lim, Jake Winter, Madelyn Harper, and Ches Mattsfield in to see the horrible decomposed corpse. While Verity took samples to run fringe science tests on, Jake discovered a rolled up piece of paper under the tongue of the deceased that read “Layla Persimmon.”

Meanwhile, Tony Gudin went to Mood, a Culver City bar, run by an old contact, Hector Velache. Velache suggested that, while he did not know if Margaret ever came to the club, it was possible that she came on a night run by the Free and Fairest of the Summer Court. He gave Tony an invitation to the club night run by the faeries.

Tyler Patina and Ken Solomon visited Margaret’s Beverly Hills clinic but found it closed indefinitely in the wake of the proprietor’s death.

Back at the mansion, Jake communed with the Voice of the Wild but found little information, other than the fact that Donna Margaret spent several days in the bear enclosure at the Old Zoo Ruins before being discovered. Verity began running tests on her sample of the rot within Donna Margaret’s corpse

Canyons of Carnage
In the Midst of an Oil Spill, Primal Chaos Reigns

August 21, 2010

Of Dives and Demons
Purity and Corruption in the Lower Ninth

September 19, 2009-September 23, 2009

At a dive bar, if such a ramshackle establishment even merits that level of recognition, in the worst part of the Ninth Ward a group of total strangers bore witness to what would end up being the final performance of jazz legend Blind Billy Fishlips. The set old Fishlips chose for this occasion was unique to say the least and the forces it set in motion a series of most unfortunate events that led to the death of a young prostitute before the night was out. Enlisted or co-opted by various means the other bar patrons found themselves involved the investigation of the gruesome murder which quickly took a dark(er) turn when initial findings pointed to some kind of ritualized killing.

As the strangers struggled with their own personal demons and quite sensible lack of mutual trust they were thrown headlong into a world that few had any clue even existed and none had any desire to be part of. Overcoming both the mundane and supernatural forces arrayed against them and (barely) managing to avoid the wrath of mundane law enforcement establishment the strangers uncovered an ancient shadow war long held in check by a set of mysterious accords which now strained to the breaking point. Worse, they found that one of their own had been marked for death by the same forces that had killed the young prostitute. Eventually the nascent group decided to confront their shadowy tormentors head-on leading to a mostly inconclusive shootout in an empty brothel and sealing their fate as forever part and party to the unseen world.


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