Madelyn Harper

Firebrand Firefighter with an Chip on her Shoulder and a Literal Axe to Grind

  • High concept – fiery wild cat
  • Trouble – too hot to handle
  • Origins – what doesn’t kill you…
    (perseverance, survival)
  • Daylight aspect – No guts, no glory (Firefighting and smokejumping)
  • Vespers aspect – She’s a maneater (fighting tooth and axe)
  • Marine Corps connections
  • boxing, bikes, and booze (filling her brother’s shoes)

- intimidation, athletics, might
- rapport, stealth, endurance
- fists, survival, weapons
- lore, contacts, craftsmanship

  • fate points
    -beast change
    -stunt – sex appeal
    - stunt – wall of death
    - sword of the cross (for my axe)

A Florida-born firefighter, Maddie Harper is a hard-drinking, motorcycle riding, man-hating whirlwind of destructive impulses and a prickly demeanor. Always attracted to the wrong men, the most dangerous jobs and the hardest path to personal wellness and calm, Maddie has spent most of her time since becoming Awakened trying to find the missing boyfriend that led her into this whole mess in the first-place. She also spends an inordinate amount of time taking care of her sometimes lover, Jake Winter. Though she has no actual Supernatural powers, she does wield a fire axe which has seen some pretty insane evenings. All that slaying of supernatural beings has empowered it. Not all mythic weapons are jeweled swords with stories history, you know.

Madelyn Harper

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