The lore and legends on the Bodha are sufficiently unclear that even the knowledgeable Professor Cummings doesn’t know (or hasn’t seen fit to share) more than a basic outline.

Originating from Central and Western Africa, the Bodha may at one time been the name of a tribe but over time the name has come to be associated with a class of Hyena spirits with strong associations with death, disease, decay and impurity. These legends are loosely linked with those of the Cult of Akasha and remarks from Content Not Found: george-park hint that cultic activity may generate Bodha activity in the same way that predation generates scavengers. The Bodha may or may not also be linked to the Dread Creek, a nigh mythical clan of Creek indians supposedly wiped out by the Spaniards in the early sixteenth century for their violently evil ways.

Several members of the party have seen creatures that may or may not be Bodha. One of these was killed, or at least discorporated, by the combined efforts of Jake and Maddie which suggests that their physical forms are nominally vulnerable to attack, though they are resiliant beyond the dreams of both classical bards and Universal Studios. Sightings of a large canine creature that looked almost entirely unlike the man-hyenas that attacked Jake, Maddie and presumably Ken have failed to generate any closer encounters, so if they are related it remains unclear how.

The Bouda are evidently retain some of the predatory nature of their mundane counterparts, as they were used as a weapon by Blind Billy Fishlips against Artemisia Sanguinaro during the culmination of the Bayou of Blood investigation. At least two party members, Sarah and Jake, may have had sightings of them since that time. For now they remain a mysterious, presumably hostile force in the increasingly strange new world in which the party finds itself.

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