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For most of humanity, the world is as it has always appeared. The year is 2012. Love and Money make the world go round in alternating cycles. The American empire subsides as China looms across the Pacific. A global financial crisis keeps many people desperate for work, housing and freedom from debt. People believe in God, or Gods or don’t believe at all. Regardless, the world spins unmolested, indifferent to the tawdry dramas playing out on its surface.

But that world is the one that spins in daylight. Lurking in the dark corners of the earth, is another world—crueler, stranger and vastly more complicated than the one in which we assume we live. It is a world of myth and legend, fairytale monsters and powerful magic, parallel to our own, unseen to those who never bother to look. But it’s there. It’s always been there and it has more of an effect on our day to day lives than we think.

That is the Vespers world, lit by the evening star and comfortable to exist in the liminal, gloomy twilight, neither truly of this world or the next. It’s governing principle is magic, a blanket term for the chaotic forces of change that subvert the natural order and twist that which is, into that which could never be.

People who wield that power or somehow inhabit it refer to themselves as Supernaturals, or Preternaturals or Spirituals. Some are mortals blessed with some bizarre magical talent, an ab-genetic mutation, extremely rare and often uncontrollable. Others are members of parallel races: Skinchangers, Changelings, Titans, Golems, and others who appear human in form but not in essence, have always lived among us and keep to their own rituals, like any other culture. Some of them even were human… once. Still others were never human: Faeries, Demons, Elementals and Gods, who see mortals as little more than an annoying parasite inhabiting a planet that belongs to them. The other half of the Vespers world are the Awakened: ordinary humans who have seen too much, survived something they shouldn’t have and been begrudgingly accepted into the fold and told the deep secrets of the world.

Both the Supernatural and the Awakened know that the secrecy of the Vespers world must be protected. History shows that revealing, on a large scale, the existence of the secret world has ended badly for them, though there are some who campaign against it. The Vespers Bells are sounding again though. In the last few centuries there have been rumblings of a re-awakening—a new font of spiritual power, and the number of incidents that are poorly concealed seem to be rising.

That is the world in which you exist. Something happened to you that either put you among the Awakened, or made you Supernatural. You lead a double life—walking the lonely paths of 21st century normality during the day and negotiating the complicated underworld of magic by night. You are the twilight: one foot on either side.

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