The New Orleans Supernatural and Awakened Accord is a pact that boasts members from most of the Americas and seeks only to keep a balance between the various powerful factions and keep tabs on the various freelance Supernatural and Awakened who register with them. Think of it as a United Nations of magic in every sense of the word. Its goals are reasonable, meager even, and totally unenforceable. Members are rarely in agreement about the proper use of the powers they wield, but they join and negotiate for fear that striking out on their own may get them destroyed.

NOSAA meets yearly for a weekend at Belle Dame Plantation outside New Orleans. The organization is headed by Griffith “Big Daddy” Belledame: a spirit of Gluttony who incarnates as a dandified gentleman of leisure. His interests seem to be a preservation of the status quo, keep everyone as pacified as possible, make no waves and stave off an apocalypse if he is feeling ambitious. Big Daddy jokingly states that the organization is so named because it proclaims “No sah! No sah! We won’t tell.”

The basic structure of NOSAA is a contract dispensing company. It arbitrates territory, negotiates alliances and sells items of magic importance to its member organization. Though there is real power behind its board members, its actual political influence is a fiction. Members are more or less autonomous and, as long as they keep a safe distance from other members, there is little NOSAA can do.

Notable Members
Adjudicator: Griffith “Big Daddy” Belledame
Loremaster: Nekthys-Nut-Sethi
“Heavy Hitters Panel”: Artemisia Sanguinaro (Cult of Akasha)
Bayliss Boddington (Knights Templar)
Hank Mariner (Illuminated Order of Freemasons)
Victor Ergis (Brotherhood of the Quill)
Maria-Carla Moreno (Las Viudas Codiciosas)

Chartered Organizations
The Cult of Akasha
The Bardic College
The Brotherhood of the Quill
The Free and Fairest of the Summer Court
Las Viudas Codiciosas
Knights Templar
Illuminated Order of Freemasons
Most Holy Church of Christ Serpentine
Rosicrucians Occidentalis
Fan Din Tong
Sons of Cuchulain
The Shadow Hunters

Other Members of Interest
Everett Flynn (Most Holy Church of Christ Serpentine)
Larissa Blake (Free and Fairest of the Summer Court)
Fiona Standish (Divorce Lawyer of the Winter Court)
Bobby Winthrop (Freelancer)
Sasha Makryat (Freelancer)
Vincit Haemer (Freelancer)
Harris Caul (Freelancer)


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