Note from Corleo

My dear Mellaro,

You are no doubt confused by the events of this evening and that is not surprising. Much has been kept from you over the last few years and while you may have figured some of it out, I doubt that you have had the time or temperament to understand it completely.

Let me begin by apologizing for the deception. It is one that I have harbored most of my life and you are the first outside my order to see beyond it. Everything I have done, I have done in service of the Ostyrii and I shall continue to act on your family’s behalf. If you see me again, it shall not be as you have seen me before. Gaunt Corleo never was.

As to the other, the thing that called itself Allyria of Myr, you will apologize for my hiring its masters to have you killed. It was necessary to lure one of them out, close enough to where I could apprehend it. Whatever husk is left, you may feel free to discard. It is of no use to us, now, and certainly you will be safer with it put down. I do not know what kind of purpose of loyalty these things have once they have beenset free, but their loyalty is unwavering before hand and it may still want you dead to fulfill its contract.

We will be in touch, though you may not know it when it happens.

Ever Faithful
He who was Gaunt Corleo.

Note from Corleo

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